One of the things I most love about photography is that the lens captures what is sometimes kept hidden. When you photograph someone, the lens opens up their eyes to their inner self which some call a soul. Often, when I am photographing someone,I have to try and force them to get rid of their “camera face”. Today, people are so used to being photographed that they have this face they put on like the infamous “duck lips” pose which to me is just ridiculous.

Before I photograph someone I tell them to come with stories about their life, stories of love, anguish, happiness, pain, overwhelming joy, excitement, etc. I wan them to tell their stories to me. Sometimes, they are uncomfortable saying them out loud so I tell them to tell them in their mind. This takes them out of their camera face.

Candid shots are very telling, as well. Some people are very good at hiding whats inside but when captured in a candid shot, the lens never lies. Their whole inner world is set bare for all who observe to see. We can see through the eyes, the windows, all they keep hidden.20141021_170150


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